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John 21:9-14

9/4/11 When the rest of the disciples reached the shore a few minutes later they saw that Jesus had a charcol fire going with fish and bread cooking on it, (v. 9). Apparently He didn’t have enough for them all though, because He had them bring some of the fish they just caught, (v. 10). When He created bread and fish He created an over abundance, but He still began with the boy’s lunch so that people were cooperating with Him in the miracle. Whether or not He created this food for the disciples we can’t know, but He purposely didn’t have enough so that the disciples would have to cooperate with Him and do their part.

Peter pulled in the net and John observed that the net wasn’t torn, (v. 11). God was cooperating with man but God was definitely at work. One hundred fifty-three fish were counted in the net. At John Paulien observes, Jesus wasn’t acting like God in ordering the fish into the net or calming storms, He was acting like Adam as Adam had been created to be—in control of nature.

Once the food was done cooking Jesus called them to breakfast. They were amazed that Jesus was there, but they pushed the temptation to doubt out of their minds. Their faith was getting stronger. Jesus perhaps looked different somewhat now that the stress and difficulty of human life was past. So perhaps if the disciples had wanted to doubt that this was Jesus it would have been possible. But the disciples were beyond such doubts now. They didn’t question Him to be sure it was Jesus. They placed their faith in Him and pushed the doubts away. They “knew” it was the Lord, (v. 12).

Jesus served them the breakfast He had cooked. He probably had them sit, though it doesn’t say so, then He brought them bread and fish to eat. Always the servant, (v. 13).

This was the third time they saw Jesus after His resurrection, (v. 14).


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