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John 21:20-25

9/6/11 Peter has been restored. Jesus made that clear to Peter. And the first thing Peter does is start getting into someone else’s business. His impetuousness hasn’t been completely subdued yet. He turns and sees John following them. John never uses his own name in his gospel, but goes well out of his way to identify himself, (v. 20).

Peter had just been informed by Jesus that he would indeed have the opportunity to die for Jesus, and not in a very pleasant way. So Peter ask Jesus about John. What would happen to him? (v. 21).

Jesus put Peter in his place quickly saying essentially, “Peter, mind your own business. You take care of Peter. Make sure you are following me. John isn’t your responsibility.” If Jesus wanted John to remain alive until He returned what was that to Peter?

Jesus wanted Peter to care for the flock but Peter still wasn’t to be God knowing everything about the flock. And besides John was a shepherd as well.

Well, apparently Jesus’ words got a rumor going that John wouldn’t die. But John clarifies that Jesus didn’t say that, (v. 23).

In v. 24 John “signs” his document as an eye witness to the things which he described. Then he goes on to clarify that his book was only a sampling of the great many actions of Jesus that could have been written but couldn’t be because of time and space, (v. 25). In other words, Jesus’ impact upon the world was incalculable. That might be the understatement of history.


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