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John 20:24-29

9/1/11 Thomas wasn’t there when Jesus came the first time, (v. 24). I wonder if Jesus arranged things this way because Thomas, like Peter had, needed a little wake up?

It seems odd that Thomas would think that all of the disciples would be in on some kind of sick joke to trick him. More likely Thomas’ pride was wounded and he chose not to believe since Jesus came when he wasn’t around. So he stomped his foot so to speak and said he wouldn’t believe unless he saw and touched for himself, (v. 25).

Jesus waited an entire week or more to reveal himself to Thomas. How must Thomas has felt and what thoughts must have been going through his mind the whole time as the rest of the disciples celebrated Jesus’ resurrection. Thomas must have sat in a corner and sulked because he couldn’t really participate. It must have been a really awkward week for him.

Finally Jesus came. Again everyone was inside with the doors locked when Jesus suddenly appeared with His same greeting, “Peace be with you,” (v. 26). Then going directly to Thomas He told him to see and touch so that he could believe, (v. 27).

I’m guessing Thomas must have been embarrassed at the situation. By now he surely was just being stubborn in choosing not to believe. As embarrassing as the situation was being put on the spot he had to be back in the inner circle, and since he had said he would believe at this moment he had to take it, (v. 28).

Jesus would have completely known all that underlay Thomas’ resistance, but He accepted it as Thomas had actually stated it, that he didn’t believe since he hadn’t seen for himself. If Thomas had been stubborn and proud Jesus didn’t reveal that. He’d leave that for the Holy Spirit to bring to his attention. Dealing only with Thomas’ stated issue he gently chastised him for requiring seeing in order to believe.

Over the coming years Thomas would have time to consider the way he had acted, and I’m confident that this defining moment had a lasting effect in his life.


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